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Monday, March 17, 2008

It's either this or that way

This morning I suddenly got serious about the first essay, which is 3000 words due on April 16. I've chosen a question, borrowed two books from the library and arranged to see Sandra tomorrow about finding some more reading material. The question I'm doing is the only one (of the three) that makes any sense to me at all:

Defend OR critique the main arguments of political process theorising and its ability to explain ongoing social movement activism.

One of the things I must remember to ask Sandra tomorrow is whether we can possibly do both - evaluate, rather than take a particular side of the argument. 3000 words is an awful lot of space for a single perspective.

In today's lecture we had a guest speaker - a woman from the Association of University Staff, our resident trade union. She was a little bit dull in her style, but she told some interesting stories. I don't know that the class's questions to her were very good. We all left it up to the usual few loudmouths to carry the can for us. Hopefully next time we'll come up with something a bit better (there's another guest lecturer on Thursday, IIRC).

The first journal was returned today. I got an "A/A+", whatever that's supposed to mean, and (more interestingly) a full page of handwritten comments on my responses. I haven't read it properly yet, but I always like having comments. It's at least something to talk about, an excuse to make contact with the lecturer. I'll make sure to read the comments before I see Sandra tomorrow.

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