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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I gotta be cool, relax

Lecture 2; learned what a positive definite symmetric bilinear form is. Except I already knew what it was, I just wouldn't normally refer to it like that. Also agreed to start a study alliance with Rebecca [who seems to be freaking out somewhat over this course] and Nicole.

You wouldn't notice, unless you knew to look, that Chris's writing doesn't reach the top six inches of the blackboard. He broke his shoulder halfway through MATH 312 last trimester, a happening which made the rest of the course rather unsatisfying, as he then couldn't write on the board at all. It's such a relief to be copying blackboard notes again, rather than sitting staring at pages and pages of closely-typed overhead transparencies.

I still haven't found my desk. Rumour has it that it's in my room somewhere, but I'm afraid to approach the pile of holiday junk in the corner lest it rear up and devour me. Having no actual work to do yet is even scarier.


lorne said...

In AD Twenty
One oooh... wait

I'll go with Crazy Little Thing Called Love instead

gliderguider said...

damn too quick for me...

Gael said...

Yay, lornestar!

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