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Saturday, July 14, 2007

In the weekend we work

Found my desk! It was right where I left it, strangely enough. The piles of holiday mementos don't yet have a proper home, but all the random paperwork is now neatly filed. In the wake of this success I decided to clear out all of last trimester's ringbinders, relabel my shelves and folders, etc. In short, I'm properly in trimester two now, and no more desk-tidying is required.

Once all this was done I embarked on assignment 1. Question 1 confused me somewhat by not working the way I'd expected [the required formula falls out nicely if I subtract two vectors, but not if I add them; I can't see any good reason for this and it worries me]. Question 2 required me to relearn the properties of a vector space. I'm not sure if this is what Chris intended, given that he hasn't actually given the properties of a vector space in class, but I'm doing it anyway.

Now I find myself in the not-terribly-unusual position of wanting to stay home and do my assignment rather than going to my best friend's 21st. If I have no life, I can't pretend it's not by choice.

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