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Monday, July 23, 2007

What the hell we fighting for?

Wasting six hours of my life on a wrong approach: $90 at market wages
Coffee from Galleria: $3
Knowing when to take a bath: priceless

The assignment is still killing me, but it's only Monday, so I can afford to die for a few more days before I need to start panicking. The solution to question 4 is tantalisingly just out of my reach. I have a large number of inequalities scattered across four pages of working, and I need to get them all together and study them before I can work out where to go next.

Today's lecture was on differentiability - moderately hard stuff now. The phrase "if the limit exists" cropped up a few times without any formal definition of "the limit". Presumably that'll come next [or else I wrote it down somewhere and failed to notice]. In the interim, I can now in principle do another few questions of the assignment. Chris is very fond of that phrase "in principle".

Since midday Saturday I've been working very hard and I have almost nothing to show for it. Past experience says that in about 24 hours' time I'll have a breakthrough, sit down and do the entire assignment in two hours. I live in hope.


lorne said...

Axe to Grind!


Hammer to Fall!

Gael said...

Wheee! Starry lorne!

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