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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be free with your tempo

Data crunching! Tutorial! Equation plotting! System solving! Inconsistency finding! Problem reworking! Progress making!

Assignment 5 is exactly half complete [halfway through question 5 of 9]. I figured out what was wrong with the question I complained about yesterday - I'd lost some vital information in the process of simplification [like how the equation f(x)=g(x) no longer tells you that f(x)=0 and g(x)=0]. Considering that I'm having to do most of my maths at home this week, with all on-campus time devoted to QUAN, this is pretty good progress.

Despite my hopes of a great breakthrough arising from the tutorial, all Chris had to offer in the way of inspiration was "there's no method for solving these" while talking about the nasty systems of equations that often arise from use of Lagrange multipliers. Having watched him work through a few problems, though, I'm now more optimistic about being able to find the "solution falls out here" button in a system. Solving these things is almost exactly like solving these things.


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Yes! After you get past the first few minutes it's almost quite good.

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