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Monday, August 6, 2007

Everything I had to know

Still tired, grumpy and stuck on question 4 of assignment 4. It's the matrix equivalent of proving the convergence of the infinite sum Σan when |a| < 1. I've resorted to working on the scalar case to try and understand the problem better, and so far it's going nowhere at all.

I did the first three questions by saying "look, the hypotheses of theorem 3.10 are satisfied" three times in a row. It wasn't really very satisfying.

Today Chris spent most of the lecture doing what was effectively an example of constrained optimisation without using Lagrange multipliers. I suspect this is going to meld imperceptibly into a development of the theory of Lagrange multipliers, but all that today's example really showed was why we need the things to save us from horrible algebra.


lorne said...

All we hear is Radio Ga Ga!

Gael said...

Indeed we do!

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