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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Never could get the hang of Thursdays

Yea, the Avenging Analyst did battle with the assignment-beast from the third hour to the sixth hour, despite her trusty fellow warrior being spaced out on medication; and though the beast bled from many wounds, verily, it was not slain. The Fearless Functional required of the Master additional information, and the Master did produce a rare and shining Weapon, the true definition of the determinant, which should have been taught in MATH 207 but was not. The Analyst was struck with fear, for she was but a Student, and the Weapon was only to be wielded by those who were true and pure of heart, and also knew what a permutation inversion was. The Miserable Mathematician did wonder if the last part of the assignment-beast was not now rendered impossible; but as the rest was More Or Less Done, she resolved not to despair, but to stand strong in the face of adversity, and strive to wield the Weapon herself.

But verily, there was no opportunity to examine the Weapon more closely, for it was then time for the Lecture. During the Lecture, the Master made various amusing statements, viz "if these were easy, we would have them in an economics course" and "you can construct a universe nicer than ours in which [infinitesimals] have a genuine meaning". In addition, the Analyst did gain a grade of 16/20 for Assignment 3, which caused her great joy. These moments of brightness brought the Analyst relief of mind, but no sooner had she gathered strength to battle again with the assignment-beast [refreshed by having seen much matrix algebra in the Tutorial] than it was time to journey to the loathsome Pipitea Campus and partake in Other Activities. It became clear to the Analyst that her foe would be left unmolested until after nightfall, and she despaired of vanquishing it before the Deadline.

It must be a Thursday, said the Analyst.


Donald said...

The whole point of Thursdays is being able to quote Douglas Adams.

Gael said...

Of course :) I should give you a special star for having noticed!

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