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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is a tricky situation

After sitting through this morning's tutorial I realised that assignment questions 1-3 are less trivial than I'd initially thought. More work is required and I'm not exactly certain how to go about it, but at least I can do so with some degree of confidence that I'm on the right track this time.

Those first questions aside, I'm now up to question 6 and working well. Functions from matrices to matrices aren't really as scary as I'd expected. Question 4, the one on the matrix power series, is sort-of done by second year standards. I'll try to do it more rigorously if I have time once the rest of the assignment is done.

These Tuesday morning tutorials really seem to do it for me. Again I found myself asking a question - possibly even a slightly intelligent one - and understanding the answer. It's all rather happily surprising :)

Quote of the tutorial: Chris referring to the sensation one experiences upon drawing near the obvious conclusion of some nasty algebra: "And at this point we hear the distant sound of trumpets..."


lorne said...

It's a hard life.

Some of the time.

Gael said...

Yes, it can be.

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