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Thursday, August 2, 2007

You can't shake me, shake me dear

The change of meeting time with Rebecca has led to my Relaxed Wednesday being followed by Thursday On Steroids. We worked together for three hours this morning; I finished all except the last question and Bex worked out the framework for answering up to question 8. Immediately after that we went to the lecture, during which Chris did mysterious things with implicit functions, then after lunch to the tutorial, where I had my misconceptions about question 9 shattered. [I'd done it all using limits, but Chris's big O and little o method looked a lot more elegant.]

Assignment 2 came back today - I got 16/20, which makes me happy. My scratchings on question 4 somehow got half a mark out of two, as did question 3, despite being incomplete and entirely on the wrong track. Apparently we're being marked easy so far.

While I was visiting Chris to ask him a question about the assignment, he mentioned that the class has shrunk to 42, a loss of only five people in four weeks. I'd expected a few more than that to have gone by this time. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave - maybe we'll remain a big class until the end now.

So far today I've done five hours of math, with probably three or four still to come. My math muscles hurt already. I'm rather impressed at the precision with which my tired brain always locates the pain at exactly the same spot in my right temple.


lorne said...

The Invisible Man!

Gael said...

Yes! You can has star.

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