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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have a problem that I cannot explain

Despite a messy start to the day, this morning I did three hours of good work with Rebecca, including the fascinating discovery that Maple 11 automatically interprets 3x to mean 3*x, but fails to do a similar thing with x(t)y(t). Sorting that out resulted in great enlightenment and furious cursing, and then it was time for the lecture. Peter handed out larger copies of the slides today, which was very useful for notetaking.

The tutorial was run 206-style with small groups standing at blackboards. I always used to enjoy working that way, but now I'm somewhat anxious about not having a written record of the examples. Bex came up with a solution to that; she's a compulsive note-taker, so she wrote everything down as we worked, and at the end I photocopied all her notes.

As of now there remains to do the last part of question 3 and all of question 4 - in other words, the hard parts of assignment 7. And write up. And most of my evening is taken up with a Toastmasters function :( Looks like another late night...


lorne said...

Was it x(t)y(t) or x(t)(foo)? I think the second may be difficult to distinguish from invocation on the return value of x.


Gael said...

Oh right, yes... it was x(t)(foo), and I see your point.

Have a star.

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