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Monday, September 10, 2007

In which my perfectionism threatens to swallow me

Long story short, I'm handing in assignment 6 tomorrow. I am handing it in tomorrow, even if it's not finished. That leaves me tonight to wrestle with the last part of question 6 as much as I can [it's the one I was having such trouble with yesterday] as well as doing whatever is possible on questions 7 and 8. Yes, the two proofs that I've been going on about. This morning I was panicking too much to conceptualise.

Today's lecture involved much classification of critical points, and was actually pretty interesting.

I may have been a bit further on with the assignment now if my work hadn't been interrupted at midnight by a mean spider [a real one this time] crawling out of my bed and scaring me half to death.

White tailed spider

1 comment:

gliderguider said...

How did the CSIRO come to have a photo of your actual spider?!

You obviously need a MacBook with a magsafe power adapter!

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