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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is that the mouthwash in your eyes?

Well, I filed a lot of paper. Went through the model answers to assignment 7, decided not to challenge the half-mark subtracted where I forgot to take a necessary square root. Asked Chris to clarify the way he's solved the differential equation [(3/y)-1]dy = [(-1/x)+2]dx [his answer is, intriguingly, the exponential of mine]. Completely failed to start assignment 9.

But the QUAN assignment is done, which is a major achievement in that it brings me 5% closer to the end of the damn course.


gliderguider said...

exponential, smonential, dat don't mean Jack, mister...

You're not enjoying QUAN so much then?

Gael said...

Damn. Did you download the album or have you been Googling?

QUAN = statistics for dummies. Nuff said.

gliderguider said...

I'm afraid it was google, but perhaps that is a band I should check out as they seem to be liked by a number of people who's opinions I otherwise respect.

Gael said...

Steal This Album! is the best, IMHO. Just don't have the volume too loud initially ;)

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