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Friday, September 14, 2007

Itchy feet and fading smiles

It was 2 am before I finished typesetting to the end of question 3, which effectively means I spent five hours last night on the same question. This morning I did the last part of question 4 on the train, then wrote that up in about three hours. I took the test up to Chris's office as soon as it was done - there didn't seem much point holding on to it until the end of the lecture. Something about Chris's surprise when I handed it over suggested that I may have been the first to hand in.

At the end of the lecture Chris did his ten-minutes-of-waffling thing again. I dozed off and saw a vision of my test before me, and realised that I'd assumed throughout question 3 that certain things were nonzero without making any attempt to justify that assumption. But I can't be bothered fixing it now - it's still a good test, and I'll know to do better next time.

If I'm not mistaken, that was the last Chris lecture I'll ever attend.


lorne said...

Hey You! Well done on handing the test in early.

Gael said...

Not just early, but twice! I believe in being thorough ;) Have a star.

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