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Saturday, October 20, 2007

All your crooked pictures looking good

The QUAN exam is over. I can start playing again!

I picked up assignment 9 when I was on campus the other day - got 38/40. Assignment 10 landed at the School office just a few minutes after I left, so I'll pick that up next week. Peter sent out an email saying the pass mark for assignment 10 is 15/40 rather than the usual 20/40, so he must have noticed about the last assignment being rather excessively long.

Someone gave me the awesomest levelling-up present recently. My spare time is now being filled with Euclid :-D


lorne said...

You weren't like noob in that exam, you like pwned it, like "Boom! Headshot!".

Gael said...

Heh, like, I hope so :) Have a star, like.

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