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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coming through in waves

First of all, here's my proof that the function suggested by gliderguider yesterday does indeed answer question 1(g) satisfactorily:

And here's question 2. This was my favourite question. The last part took me hours the first time I did it back in assignment 3, but since then I've gone through the same process so many times that I hardly needed to watch my pen move. [Functions which have this property make good projections for cartography and suchlike.]


gliderguider said...

Thanks, I'm sure I'll get comfortably numb going closely over that later. In the meantime soad is into my itunes and thence onto my ipod and blasting those passing by the brucebox to collect their bicycles, tyvm :-)

Gael said...

No problem. Hope you find it interesting. Me, I think I'll be too tired to do math for the next couple of months.

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