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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The senses collect undeniable data

Question 5 went pretty well too, apart from the aforementioned difficulty with the complex eigenvectors for part (b). Halfway through my attack on them I actually wrote the following in my paper:

Is λ really an eigenvalue?
Yes, it is.
So why can't I find the eigenvector?

Unfortunately I forgot to cross this out when I'd finished, but I don't think Chris will mind.

The bit of highlight beside part (b) means that I finished the thinky part of that question, but didn't quite finish simplifying it. There was a matrix full of horrid long expressions in cis, and I knew full well that I could simplify it down to a matrix with purely real entries, but didn't have time to actually do so.

Some time after the exam I realised I'd named the types of the critical points, but hadn't mentioned their stability or otherwise. This was probably important. Darn.


lorne said...

λ is like θ. It's Greek, as in θ-waves.

Gael said...

groan... Thetawaves it is.

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