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Friday, December 7, 2007

An unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle

My 2008 Offer of Study arrived yesterday. It's nearly two weeks since I enrolled - obviously at this time of year there's no great sense of urgency in the admin office. Next year then, all things being equal, I will be doing the following:

  1. MATH 311 - Algebra - T1
  2. SOSC 318 - Social Movements and the State - T1
  3. ECON 309 - International Economics - T2
  4. ECON 314 - Microeconomics - T2
  5. MATH 324 - Coding and Cryptography - T2

That's three more courses than I need to finish all my majors, but if I only did what was necessary then my year would be boring, and we can't have that.

The above list raises a few issues for the raison d'etre of this blog. Firstly, I'm not finishing my econometrics major because all the QUAN papers I haven't done clash with SOSC 318, and econometrics isn't so important that it's worth changing my choice of SOSC paper for. This means that I'm now doing three majors, not four, so I have to change my blog description. Oh noes.

Secondly, having already finished my MATH major, I'm now doing two extra MATH papers. Because I can. This means that MATH 301 was not, after all, the final paper of my major. It was the final paper I needed to do for the major though, so I decree that it still counts for blogging purposes.

Finally, I'm doing two ECON papers simultaneously in the second half of the year, meaning that either of them could qualify as my "final" ECON paper. I'll choose which one to blog about when I get there (or maybe do both). For the first half, though, there's no ambiguity - SOSC 318 is definitely my last sociology paper ever, so I will be recording it, here, from February 25. Stay tuned.


gliderguider said...

Looks as if that lot should keep you busy, as long as you don't get ADD.

Gael said...

Indeed. Hopefully that won't happen.

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