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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I caught a fleeting glimpse

Yesterday I went up to campus. It was full of first years. The whole city was full of first years. A lot of them were wearing matching Hall t-shirts, making it easier to point and laugh at them, although I refrained. I'm nice like that.

Things which I discovered while on campus:

  • My last SOSC course is being taught by a woman. (I've not yet had a good female lecturer.)
  • My last SOSC course has no textbooks, only course readings.
  • All my lectures this half are in the same room.
  • SOSC-office-MATH-guy is in my algebra class. We should study together. I should find out his name (he knows mine from working in the SOSC office).
  • 77 Fairlie Terrace has an amphitheater as well as a studio.

I also bought some dividers, but that's as far as I've got towards actually clearing out last year's files and preparing for 2008.


gliderguider said...

Be nice to the first years! They're all bouncy and excited and not yet comfortably numb.

Gael said...

Bouncy? Then why do they keep moving so slowly through corridors and doorways?

Star is yours.

gliderguider said...

It's ok .. I feel the same way about cars on the roads ... I'm happy for them to go any speed they want, as long as they do it IN THE LEFT LANE.

I expect the cause is often the same: they're lost. Or they don't have anywhere better to be.

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