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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We don't give a fuck about your world

Yesterday afternoon I finally caught the Student Notes queue in a short enough state to make it worthwhile joining it to buy my SOSC course readings. This morning I started reading them. Tonight, having spent around four hours reading during the course of the day, I have made it through 10 pages of the 24 which I have to read by midday tomorrow. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.

The fault is my incredibly poor concentration - I can't focus on anything (except math, oddly enough) in the presence of more than ambient background noise. In the library, one person speaking near me is enough to make me restart the page. In the lab, I don't stand a shit show.

Tomorrow I ditch the camera and take headphones instead. It beats telling everyone in sight to take their goddamned problems elsewhere.


lorne said...


I R Back!

gliderguider said...

You gotta be quick around here!

Music that can be classified as "ambient noise" -- either by its nature or through total familiarity -- is certainly good at masking attention-seeking noise.

I'm undecided about random j-pop for this purpose.

Gael said...

Random j-pop? Ewwwww.

Star is lorne's, for once!

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