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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh well, whatever, never mind

Against all odds, I handed in journal entries on time for four articles. Because of Easter the journal was due a day early this week, and I wasn't at all sure that I would get through all four. I finished reading the third of them at one o'clock this morning and then strategically skipped a long one from the Book of Readings in favour of a short one which only took me one hour.

NeoOffice is retarded. Don't download it. Don't use it. Don't donate money, despite their asking you to do so five times on every page of their website. Just steer well clear, okay?

Other things that happened today:

  • The fat man hijacked the entire tutorial, and this time all of us were visibly pissed off. (Admittedly only six were present.) He wouldn't drop some retarded fucking argument that he wanted to have with Charles about how the articles we're reading are "valueless" and the theorising should be "simpler". "Simple" is not a word that has ever been associated with sociological theory, and he, as a 300-level student if not a third year, should know that. It came out that he hadn't even read the article we discussed last week, either - so clearly knowing more than he does won't be enough by itself to shut him up. (I should have expected that. Being wrong, or even having nothing at all to say, has not yet been any obstacle to him opening his extremely large mouth.)
  • We had another guest lecturer, a woman from the gay and lesbian movement. She spoke at length about homosexual law reform and the Civil Union Bill. Unlike the average guest lecturer, she spoke well and with conviction while covering a vast amount of ground, both historical and theoretical. It was riveting.
  • The fat man embarrassed us all by falling asleep while the guest lecturer was speaking. Not only that, he snored. (That's cos he's fat. If he wasn't fat he'd be able to breathe without terrifying little children in Singapore.)

If this sort of thing continues I'll start taking duct tape to class. Although with his powers of perception, it's unlikely that the menacing sound of duct tape ripping from a roll nearby will have any effect at all on Mr Fat.

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