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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

God only knows what you're missing

So, tomorrow is the day that I'm supposed to start writing.

I haven't done all the reading I intended to, but I've read a bit from each main area of what I think will be my argument. There are only two more articles that I feel I really have to look at before I can formulate my ideas properly. One of them is a very short chapter from an edited collection; the other is a medium-length journal article, which contains more actual criticism than everything else I've read put together.

Today I finally "went to the journals". I searched Academic OneFile and ProQuest for ("social movement" AND "political process"). Perhaps it was the exact phrases, but the results were surprisingly brief and relevant. It was all quite pleasing really :)

Tomorrow morning I do fully intend to sit down at a keyboard, visualise a protest march, and tell myself to "be verbose". This is how I usually start writing an essay - without any real clue about what will come out. Often those first paragraphs do turn out to be useful later on, after I've built an actual structure and started filling it in.

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