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Thursday, April 3, 2008

It was only fantasy

This morning I skipped another tutorial. This occurred because I was up until 2.30 am trying to apply for a summer job at a major accounting firm, and in those circumstances, getting up in time to be up the hill by 10 am did not appeal in the slightest. I didn't even finish the job application; browser problems prevented me from completing the "testing" part of the form (was it psychometric testing? Gah) and suddenly I realised I didn't want to be an actuary that much anyway.

This week's journal is going well. I've read 3.7 articles and journaled two of them (in the beautiful LaTeX template which lorne helped me create, thus saving me from the horrors of NeoOffice forever, I hope). There shouldn't be any difficulty in finishing the journal by lunchtime tomorrow, hopefully leaving the afternoon free for The Reading That Shall Not Be Named.

In the lecture today we talked about New Zealand's recent political and economic history. During the usual discussion time that Sandra gives us halfway through each lecture, I chatted with the guy from South Africa. He's been here eight years - apparently not long enough for him to have heard the endless whinging about what happened to us Kiwis in 1984. I had an interesting time trying to recall enough detail from FCOM 110 to give him some idea of what the lecture notes were on about.

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