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Monday, June 30, 2008

Eyes wide open all the time

Finding a title for this, the last blog post of my sociology career, was the most difficult thing I've ever done on the internet. You can see that I've copped out by just choosing a versatile line from a favourite song. Finding something that's sufficiently meaningful without being ludicrous is way beyond me.

So I got an A in SOSC 318, and it's all over forever.

In order to make this post look less pathetic in length, here is a list of all my SOSC grades right back to when I was a first year who hadn't heard of the Enlightenment. Note that there are exactly two courses at each level. This is the minimum required to get a SOSC major, meaning that SOSC is the only one of my majors for which I haven't done loads of extra stuff.

SOSC 111Sociology: Foundations and Concepts1/2004A-
SOSC 112NZ: Sociological Perspectives2/2004A+
SOSC 205Sociology of Religion2/2005B+
SOSC 214Special Topic (Globalisation and its Discontents)2/2005A
SOSC 303Sociology of Deviance1/2006A
SOSC 318Social Movements and the State1/2008A

I suppose I should have called this The Last Post, shouldn't I?

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