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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Instead of stressed I lie here charmed

Today I handed in the assignment as it was when I finished it last Friday. Having changed my mind a number of times about the single proof (which I ended up doing in words because it seemed too obvious to bother with symbols), I eventually settled on a conclusion that meant it was right the first time. I don't really have any idea whether I've done the assignment right or not, which is troubling.

The lecture today was back to being confusing. Jack confessed to being dyslexic, confirming my suspicions founded on his consistent spelling of "always" with two l's. There's a test coming up after the break (tomorrow's the last day for this half), but I'm not sure when it is exactly.

I also finished my International essay 24 hours earlier than expected. Now I fully intend to go to bed and then go to sleep... if I still remember how.

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