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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Abraham Lincoln said that

So, on Thursday Paul ran the tutorials for the first time, and it was kinda cool. He made us participate and stuff, which works better in a group of eight than a group of 35. Then there was a lecture; I already don't remember anything about it.

A while ago I mentioned the new Bachelor of Economics and Finance being brought in to replace the old BCA. The idea seemed to be that, with the new BCA requiring a whole bunch of time-wasting dummy papers (from next year, compulsory papers include MGMT 101, MARK 101, INFO 101 and QUAN 102), it would be good to have a separate programme for people who want to study economics properly. The BEF design was based strongly around maths and stats papers - essential stuff that would never fit into the new BCA programme without requiring at least one extra year, probably more.

The news now comes out that, although the new BCA is being implemented, the BEF has been rejected. From next year, the only way to do a proper degree in economics at Victoria University will be to take econ as a BA major. How long now till they take economics from the Faculty of Commerce and put it in Humanities where it belongs?

Between this, and the splitting of compsci from math, and what's been done to the schools of film and women's studies (and the wider Faculty of Education)... maybe it's not such a bad thing to be leaving at the end of next year.

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