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Monday, September 15, 2008

Shorter of breath and one day closer

Today's lecture was simply painful. Paul seems to have decided that he will ask us questions in lieu of us asking him. Trouble with that theory is, the same reasons that cause people not to ask questions (boredom, lack of understanding, tiredness, distraction) are likely to also cause them to not answer them. At some point Paul actually went as far as saying "look, I'm not going to remember to not ask you questions, so it'd be easier for everyone if you answered them." Not a sound, not a murmur. Personally I was torn between lack of understanding and simultaneously doing my math assignment (I suppose it's possible that these two things may have been related). Can't speak for the others, but one would charitably assume that they all had similarly good reasons for not answering.

Charitably? Nah. People are just people. Illustration of this: Today I got hemmed in on a group of sofas (I hate when people do this to me) by a group of girls who thought the library at Pipitea is the Central library. They were all surprised when the pathetically small Commerce library failed to carry the book on statistics they wanted. It's depressing that some commerce students are so immersed in commerce that they really think this campus is some sort of hub.

Today I discovered that the timetables are out for next year's courses, and spent a miserable hour putting together various potential timetables for my Honours course. Miserable because, well, see for yourself:


gliderguider said...

Hmm .. I don't see it. Is it the 1st semester thuRsday that bugs you (no lunch) or the 2nd semester one (three hours for lunch)?

fibby said...

Er, more the multiplicity of three-hour lectures. The only thing worse than spending half a working day in lectures is having a whole day off. That timetable manages, therefore, to have the worst of both worlds in both trimesters.

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