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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will tomorrow be the same?

Being that I'm in a state of mild anguish about the end of my math degree (just two months until I have to stop doing math FOR EVER AND EVER), and that my worldview has relaxed to the extent that what I cook for dinner now seems at least as interesting as my studies, I'm going to ease the filtering on this filtered blog and write about stuff that interests me even when that isn't necessarily related to the topic of the blog.

There were 82 words in that sentence.

Yesterday in the 314 lecture we laboured endlessly and fruitlessly to apply rationalisability, a normal-form concept, to extensive-form games. The motivation for a lot of this stuff seems to be that we like to find formal justifications for our instinctive solutions. Unfortunately a lot of it is being taught by example, which, I must say, is not very formal.

So far this week I haven't studied for the test because I have a math assignment to do. My justification is that doing the math assignment counts as de facto preparation for the math test (also next week), so after it's done I'll be able to spend that much more time revising 314 instead of math. The assignment is interesting; it puts polynomials to an actual use. I had heard there were such things, but hadn't really seen any until now.

As for dinner, this morning I prepared a pork casserole and set it to start cooking at 4pm, so when I get home tonight the house will smell all yummy :)

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