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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did you hear about this one?

The Micro assignment, due Monday, is now effectively done except for a few semantic issues. (Must I really go through and asterisk every variable that is known to be taking its socially efficient value? Really? Cos there are quite a few of them.) The only thing left to do this trimester is now a 1500-word essay, due Friday.

The test finally came back - five weeks after we sat it - but the marking is very unclear. Apparently I got 13. 13 out of what? There's no way to tell, and the lecturers aren't answering their email.

Yesterday there was a meeting for next year's Honours students. It was a slightly scary meeting, with lots of harping on about the workload, but not much actual information. There were maybe 20 intending Honours students there. I recognised some of them, but most of them are complete strangers. I'm so far out of my year it's not funny.

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