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Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're gonna celebrate

Oh, yeah. I enrolled recently. My courses for Honours in economics next year are:

  • First half
    • ECON 403 - Macro B
    • ECON 404 - Micro A
    • ECON 408 - Econometrics A
    • ECON 414 - Theories of Growth and Development
  • Second half
    • ECON 402 - Macro A
    • ECON 405 - Micro B
    • ECON 409 - Econometrics B
    • ECON 423 - Macro Modelling for the New Zealand Economy

The first three in each half are "core" courses which will make me a career economist (as opposed to an academic one). The last in each half is a special interest paper. I really, really want to do ECON 423, but this year it didn't run due to lack of enrolments. We'll be informed soon about course availability for next year. I live in hope.

We're being advised to go to a three-day preparatory math course for economics and finance, in the week before classes start. Despite having a math degree, and the stated intention of certain of my unmathematical classmates to not attend, I think I'll go along. It'll be a good way to warm up for the year, and it will help me to see what they expect us to know. There's even a chance I may learn something (about statistics, certainly, not pure math).

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