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Friday, February 27, 2009

Expect a thousand more

The math review has been mostly revision so far, but it's been very very fast revision. There's a lot of attention being paid to things which are not mathematically interesting, and which consequently were glossed over in my math courses. I know the words and the definitions (positive definite, leading principal minor, concavity, quadratic form), but I've never worked closely with the concepts before.

There's a huge amount of analysis. A lot more analysis than I was expecting. Of course it's impossible to do everything properly in the time available, and given that, I'm impressed at the extent to which the lecturer is striving to use correct terms and definitions wherever possible. I can't imagine that this is pleasing to those who've never done analysis before, though - it must seem like all these foreign words are being tossed around with no regard for meaning.

Turns out there is no Micro textbook, so I'm all set for the year. Shall I try to read all three Chapter 1s this weekend?

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