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Monday, February 23, 2009

While I reinvent myself

And so I embark upon my sixth year at university. Honestly, my sixth year. It's embarrassing. Today I'm on campus for a new postgrads' orientation. The place is less full of first years than you might expect.

Parts of the central library have undergone a makeover. As an example of this, I'm currently on level 4, using wireless and power. This was impossible when I was last on level 4.

There are all these modern-looking tables and sofas around; there's a presentation room and a few whiteboards. It's made clear that you're welcome to eat and talk here. Does this mean other floors will become quieter? It doesn't worry me much, because I have almost no reason to use the central library this year. Of course, if this model works better than what they have at Pipitea (and it could hardly work any worse), then I might find some reason to come up here on my free days.

I've always said that if you treat the students with some respect, they'll treat their equipment the same way. In a month's time I'll visit here again to see if my theory is borne out at all.

Although the fact that my current table is already wobbly is not exactly an encouraging sign.

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