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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Give what I got

Just out of the first three-hour lecture. It was surprisingly gentle, for a single class that covered around 80% of second-year econometrics. Next time will be less gentle; Dr A Metrics has decided to warn of hard proofs in advance, and next time we will be proving the Gauss-Markov Theorem. (Yay!)

I've read chapter 1 of the textbooks for Metrics and Macro. Both were informative. My on-trial technique of making notes while reading, instead of afterwards, seems to be an effective way to stay awake and interested in the material.

There haven't been any shocks yet. I anticipate the first shock will be Macro on Friday morning, and will probably come in the form of the assessment section of the course outline. I hear whispers there are presentations for Macro. Metrics, on the other hand, is assessed by way of a test, an exam, and seven or eight assignments. If they are hard assignments, this should be roughly equivalent to MATH 312, and that didn't manage to kill me.

In other news, the Honours room is now laptop-ready. I obtained a multibox and a four-metre power lead from the admin lady (who is remarkably helpful about everything), and ran the lead out to a group of tables which now have the multibox jammed in the centre. Currently the lead is attached to the floor with regular sellotape, which isn't quite satisfactory, but I've got some cloth tape now. I'll fix it as soon as I find the corner around these tables clear of people.

Advantages of holding a scholarship, part 1: Today I gave money to a busker.

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