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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never cared for what they do

  • There's a Metrics assignment due Tuesday. 80% of the work is regurgitating the content of the lecture notes.
  • ITS have implemented a limit of around 10 MB on downloads over wireless. I say "around" because they won't admit that they've done it, so my estimate of the maximum allowed download size is purely empirical.
  • Prof A Macro isn't replying to email.
  • Staff in my School have access to Scientific Workplace for writing mathematical content. This is a heinously expensive way of doing what could be done for free with a very little training. Maybe the license fee is less than the cost of teaching every staff member TeX, but you'd expect, wouldn't you, that the paid-for output is at least as good as the free kind? Not so:
    1. Paid for:
    2. Free:
    Bah, n00bs.

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