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Friday, March 27, 2009

Stir crazy, Lord

Tonight I managed to create that rare thing, a meal that was enjoyable in both the cooking and the eating. Italian vege pasta alongside porterhouse steak, followed by rice pudding. The pasta, to my surprise, turned out full of flavour, of a good consistency and quite able to stand on its own two feet. I could easily have omitted the steak to make it a two-dish vegetarian meal.

The close concentration of culinary creativity helped to get rid of some of my fourth-week blues. (Sitting in lectures for five hours is just not my idea of a good day.) Here are some 33% observations:

  • Macro: Why put so much effort into deriving the model, then spit out the key results with no derivation?
  • Metrics: Sigh... I wish I'd done more stats.
  • Growth: Is this paper going slow, or am I missing something?
  • Micro: OMG, I love Micro.

This week I have only one assignment to do. Maybe I'll get some reading done? Don't laugh!

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