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Friday, March 20, 2009

We'll fall when the bird turns

Most annoying place on campus!

They're not even playing the student radio station. It's some suspiciously Christian-sounding station from the Hutt. I suspect this may have something to do with the joint chaplaincy, which is behind the glass doors and also owns the coffee machine, which doesn't work. This is just inside the main entrance to the building. The sliding doors need oiling and are exceptionally noisy, as are the PA announcements from the railway station outside. All in all, a very annoying place to be. The sofa was free and it was lunchtime, or I'd have looked elsewhere for a place to sit.

This morning's lecture (13 people, but I couldn't work out who was missing) was given by Prof B Macro. This guy is an important dude in what we call "the industry", which is to say, he has a real job. It takes him out of the country quite a bit, so instead of lecturing a full half of the course, he's chopping and changing to fit his half of the lectures around his other job. He is a more dynamic lecturer than Prof A Macro, but I wouldn't say this makes his material sound any friendlier. In this course there are an awful lot of derivations which literally contain the line "and then a miracle occurs".

Prof B Macro gave us an assignment. Yay, an assignment! Now I can really work with the material. I have one due Tuesday, two Friday, and one on April 15.

As of tonight, we're a quarter of the way through the trimester. That's scary. Why am I not stressed out yet?

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