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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're off to never-never land

I've done around half of the Macro assignment. At first glance, the half I've done looks like the hard part, the bit with maths in. The second half is all plotting graphs in Excel and observing how they look different when you change the parameters.

But to plot the graphs, first you must have the equations the graphs are based on, and you can "the model used in question 1" me as much as you like, but this model is not the one used in question 1.

It's somewhere in the lecture notes. I remember Prof B Macro talking about it on Friday. But I can't exactly find where it is in the lecture notes, and I don't seem to have written it down myself.

If I don't miss any sleep, I have about five useful hours before the assignment is due. This should be plenty of time - I haven't even looked through all of the lecture notes yet, and I'm sure to find the model when I do so. And yet, I am getting worried.

Metrics and Micro are both in. Metrics was a complete fail of an assignment. I'm 90% confident that it was correct, but it was sloppy and I kept missing bits and doing things in the wrong order. I intend to forget about it and get on with the next one (due April 3).

Strange symbols at the bottom of my Dock:

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