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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey man, you crazy or sumpin?

The most ignorant person can ask a question the wisest most computationally advanced can't answer.

At least, not before the universe ends.

Which I don't get, because the method I would use to solve that problem is only around O(x50). And when I gave the computer the following (at least) O(x50) problem...

... it solved it in an imperceptible length of time.

What's going on here?


gliderguider said...

Isn't it approximately 80.178892031786?

fibby said...

You mean n, or x? There should be (up to) 50 different values for x. I haven't bothered any further with n. If that's n, how'd you do it?

gliderguider said...

Unless I misunderstood your problem, that is hopefully n.

Sorry, I didn't come up with an analytical answer, so that's just the result of searching for the zero crossing using bisection on n.

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