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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A penny just to hang around

It's Easter Sunday and I'm at my desk pouring information into the black box that is my brain. I know it's being processed in there, and once it's all in, I'll be able to place my fingers on the home row and out will flow my essay, fully formed. This is my usual method of writing small, dense essays. I know it works, but by god, it takes a long time to get all that information in there.

Edit: This is how not to name variables in academic work:

Come on, people, you have the entire Greek and English alphabets at your disposal, including every combination thereof for subscripts and superscripts. Is naming variables in words really the best you can do?

This is from an IMF working paper. I can only hope that final IMF papers are typeset according to some accepted style guide.

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