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Friday, April 3, 2009

To ask the sea for answers

Should I get a Visa Debit Card with ASB (to maintain account separation) or Kiwibank (for instant money transfers)?1

Should I buy a Cogito Ergo Nom t-shirt from QC, or a Pancakes t-shirt from goats?

Should I do the optional third Metrics assignment on the chance that I'll get a higher mark than in the second, or should I accept the first two assignments as my grade for the first half, and spend the next week doing the Macro referee report instead?

1I'm really really sick of waiting two days for money to transfer so I can make a transaction on my Westpac debit card. Westpac used to clear electronic transactions in one day, but over summer that increased to two days. My theory: they're compensating for the fall in overnight cash rates by leaving their cash on the overnight market for twice as long.


gliderguider said...

I think you want "Rocked so hard".

Yes, yes you do.

fibby said...

Heh, that one is funny. But... black. Not a colour that r0xx0r my b0xx0r, or at least not in t-shirts.

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