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Friday, May 15, 2009

On the high road to remembering

My second Growth presentation is over, thank god. When it gets to five minutes after your last slide, the lecturer is still asking you questions, and you suddenly understand what the paper was about... it was a bad presentation.

The trimester is winding down like nobody's business. Here are my next lot of deadlines.

  • Macro: nothing. Exam 16 June.
  • Micro: assignments 28 May and 8 June. Exam 19 June.
  • Metrics: two more assignments (I guess 26 May and 2 June). Exam 22 June.
  • Growth: two essays, both due 14 June. Exam 15 June.

In view of this, to what should I devote my next week - researching for the Growth essays, getting to grips with Metrics, or commencing some exam prep?

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