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Monday, June 22, 2009

I started out on Burgundy

Classwide reaction to the Metrics exam: "where's the rest?"

An easy question to answer. The rest is in the take-home programming question, which some have already done, and which I shall now start safe in the knowledge that my exam grade should be quite acceptable even if I do the programming all wrong.

The four questions in the exam were all either lifted straight from assignments, or very similar to assignment questions with minor modifications. It was not hard, and a person who knew what they were doing could have done it in an hour (half the exam time). Two people left around the 90-minute mark. I might have been with them if I hadn't drawn a mental blank on the first question; as it was, I stayed for the extra half hour (spending an hour in total on one quarter of the exam), and it was a good thing I did because I quite suddenly remembered the thing I'd forgotten. There was even still time to make use of it and complete the question comfortably.

No more exams! And no more Kelburn until October. Oh well.

Celebratory drink for the end of winter exams

Find your favourite enormous coffee mug. Estimate the volume. One part is one-eighth of this volume.

Put in the mug, in order:

  1. One part gin
  2. One part blackcurrant cordial
  3. Two parts Charlie's old fashioned lemonade (or any homemade lemonade)
  4. Four parts boiling water

Don't stir it, just drink it as soon as it's cool enough.

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