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Friday, July 10, 2009

The only one that I have ever known

Trimester 2 starts Monday. I was going to get textbooks early in the week, but my Monday and Tuesday courses are both free of set texts, and my Thursday courses both have set text "TBA". So I can't really do anything about that until Friday, which is great, cos by that time I'll have been paid again :)

Last trimester this blog was full of "I hate Fridays", because I had two lectures on Fridays, and they were for my toughest courses. This trimester it'll be "I can't stand Thursdays", for much the same reason - with added day-length horror!

The difference is that Metrics hasn't, to date, been one of my toughest courses. I expect that Macro and Modelling will hold that title, so I can at least be a little glad that it's not those two together on the same day. All the same, I predict much whinging, sighing, and difficulty getting out of bed on Thursdays for the next 14 weeks.

Nice thing: can sleep in Fridays to make up for it.

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