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Monday, September 7, 2009

Take the plan, spin it sideways

The Micro assignment came back today.

I've been doing all my assignments (and most of my essays) in LaTeX since MATH 301, which comes to just over two years of TeXing. Today, for the first time, a marker offered TeX suggestions in their comments on my assignment. This is a happy day.

It's not every day, too, that an assignment comes back with a comment that begins "okay, it has been a bit of a struggle for me to understand your argument"... and still gets 90%.

We have a different lecturer for the last six weeks of Micro. We're back with Dr A Micro, the same guy who lectured the first six weeks in the first half. He's probably one of my favourite economics lecturers (and I swear it's not just his accent!), so this half should be good, Micro-wise.

Right at this moment, though, I'm deeply embroiled in a Metrics problem set. It's nominally due today and I'm really trying to get it in before... say, midnight.

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