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Monday, September 28, 2009

Where time gets fast but everything gets slow

For complicated reasons relating to the failure of neoMac last week, I spent half of today up at Kelburn. Cotton Street, scene of some of my best hours at university, has changed a lot. The floor covering has changed, the noticeboards are mostly gone, the long sofas have been replaced with short ones, little soft stools have appeared all over the show, and there are even a few tables and chairs. The chairs are comfy; I tried them. I was under the impression that comfy chairs in student spaces were a breach of university policy.

Edit: The research posters are gone, too. As they used to hang perpendicular to the wall, the effect is that the street feels a lot wider and lighter.

The new design smelled of paint today, so I didn't like it much. It may be more likeable when it doesn't smell of paint.

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