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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We offer prayers for your long-lost souls

And that was the last day. Bye bye, lectures - possibly for the last time. Hello, exams - hopefully for the last time.

This morning, to celebrate the last day, I wreaked bloody vengeance upon the management/marketing students (the consensus is unclear on their exact major) who stole MY multiplug and extension lead in the Honours room back in March. Not content with rearranging the room so only a few people at a time could use it, they then strewed their property all over the desks to ensure that those few people were always themselves. At the same time, they moved the lead and multiplug which I had set up in such a way that four people could use it at a time, and relocated it to a single desk so that only one or two people could use it at a time. Needless to say, these were always the same two people, also.

Today I got to the Honours room before anyone else and removed my extension lead from their setup. I couldn't find my multiplug, but by god, I took back my lead. And then left the room. Hastily.

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fias said...

My many multiplugs at VUW got labelled with "DON" in marker pen. Well, or "Interface" by people who didn't know better. But I did manage to retrieve them, mostly, when I left.

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