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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In his armchair, you can feel his disease

Another good exam in Micro. It wasn't as great as Modelling, but it was perfectly fine. I ran out of time to do all of the low-marks part for which I hadn't prepared so well, but I'm very confident in my work on the high-marks parts.

After the exam we all stood around and sort of looked at each other. It was as if none of us wanted to admit the course is over (for most of the class, this also means the year is over). I guess I'm not alone in loving Micro.

I asked the exam supervisor why they're still having to take away our question papers after the exam. Apparently the official reason is still swine flu. I don't understand. If the question papers get germs on from a coughing class member, won't our pens and things then have germs as well? How does confiscating only the papers prevent the spread of disease? And what happens to the papers now? Unless they're destroyed immediately, they'll still be effective transmission vectors regardless of whether students take them home or not.

Now Metrics, Friday, and that's it!


Anonymous said...

I think the supposed reason for the swine flu thing was that if a student misses the exam due to having the flu they would have to resit it at a later date, and so it would not do for someone to give them a question paper beforehand. There are still many holes in this plan though.

fibby said...

As I mentioned in my post on this subject during the midyear exam period:

1. There are almost always some students sitting exams under special conditions, and the university has never taken away their classmates' exam papers before.

2. There is no reason on earth why such a consideration should apply to a class which is all sitting the exam together; the exam supervisors know whether their supervisees make up full class numbers or not, and should be instructed to take away the papers only if there are people missing.

Neither of these mean that the stated reason is not the university's genuine reason; they just confirm that, if so, the university is overbearing, dictatorial and stupid.

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