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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling down and your resistance is low

Brief meeting with Rebecca in the morning, to which I turned up late because I'd forgotten that I also had a family function this morning. We worked on question 1 for about 20 minutes, then went to the first tutorial, which was attended by approximately half the class. Perhaps the rest haven't realised that we're expected to go to both tutorials each week - not because Chris thinks it's good for us [although he probably does], but because there's simply too much material to get through it all in one hour a week.

The tutorial was enlightening in a number of ways, but failed to get through all four of the tutorial exercises. Guess we'll have to finish those on Thursday - rather uncomfortably close to assignment deadline. Hopefully this pattern won't continue for too long. It's vastly preferable to conclude the exercises for any assignment at least four days before that assignment is due.

I am sad with the sadness of already being behind in my readings halfway through week 2. MATH is just more interesting than my other [QUAN] course, so it's too easy to use it as a procrastinator. Example: this afternoon I spent the half-hour before the QUAN lecture doing MATH, on the whiteboard in the QUAN room, with a fellow MATH student. Nuff said.


gliderguider said...

Math sure is very tempting to treat as The Game -- almost as much as programming :-)

gliderguider said...

er "Play The Game".

Gael said...

er, yes. Star :)

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