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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well versed in etiquette

Finished assignment 1 last night, as I'd hoped. No sooner had I written the last symbol than Mum and Dad arrived home bearing a half-bottle of Moet et Chandon, left over from a work function. It seemed somehow appropriate, and was, of course, extraordinarily nice.

This afternoon Rebecca and I went over the assignment together. It was a most successful session - she detected several errors which I had let slip in my workings [terrible logic in an "only if" statement again, and a much, much simpler function composition than the one I had chosen for question 7]. I think we both felt happier about MATH after the meeting than we had done before it, and there's no better measure of a good collaboration.

For the next few days I must work madly on QUAN, and hopefully at some point remember to write up the MATH assignment for Friday hand-in.


gliderguider said...

Ah, you can't imagine the first time I heard this song on the radio, when it was new and I was 12 and an innocent farmboy. I mean ... I was impressed by the production and wit of _Band on the Run_ only a few months earlier, for heaven's sake. And then Bohemian Rhapsody topped it only six months later.

Fastidious and precise
Guaranteed to blow your mind
She's a killer queen

Incidentally ... do you know the NZ song "Out on the Street", from the same time period?

gliderguider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gliderguider said...

video or better quality audio

Gael said...

Anyone notice the other Killer Queen reference buried in this post?

Bruce, thanks for the mp3, I'm downloading it now. I don't watch youTube videos - not because of philosophical objections, merely the practical reality of 49.2 Kbps :(

gliderguider said...

Something other than the title, the Moet, and "extraordinarily nice"?

Gael said...

It was "extraordinarily nice", well done.

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