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Friday, July 20, 2007

Got my greatest treasure

The assignment write-up went fine - I took it slowly and had time to reconceptualise question 4 along the way [describe the position of a rod moving in the real plane, using as few paramenters as possible]. During the morning various other classmates appeared in Memphis where I was working. I would probably have finished it faster if they hadn't been there, but I had nothing better to do so that doesn't really matter.

In the lecture Chris proved the continuity of various functions from the definition. This is something I haven't yet been able to do, despite ostensibly learning how to do it on three separate occasions so far. Maybe this time I'll grasp it at last. What confuses me is that the definition takes the form

For all ε, there exists a δ, such that [statement involving δ] implies [statement involving ε].

Now if you find δ by first defining ε, however can δ be on the left-hand side of the implication? Understanding this requires me to think simultaneously in many layers [like an onion], which makes my eyes water.

Confusion aside, the assignment is in, and as of Tuesday I'm getting paid for combining two of my greatest pleasures in life - mathematics and the imparting of knowledge to those willing to learn. In other words I have a student... life is good.



lorne said...

Fat Bottomed Girls!

I can has star?

Gael said...

Wai. Yarly, even.

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