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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The grumpity tree

Today was lecture 5 and tutorial 2, with one hour between them. The lecture worked with the terribly confusing O and o notations. They look much less scary now than they did a year ago. In the tutorial Chris finished tut exercises 1 and, reassuringly, started on those for assignment 2 [due on the 27th].

The last tut question of assignment 1 seemed completely irrelevant to everything, but that could have been because the room was incredibly hot and I was falling asleep as a result. I suspect the point of the question was to let us see a lot of nasty matrix manipulation written using summation notation - so that we won't get too complacent about using matrices. Just when you think you've got them under control they tend to jump up and bite you, especially when summation is involved.

In the afternoon I was going to write up assignment 1, but circumstances beyond my control prevented me from doing so. This irritated me no end. Now I shall have to spend tomorrow morning writing up the assignment, and I so have better things to do tomorrow morning.

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